Water Wells First suggestions for filing the ERT Comments for Ottercreek Wind farm project

As discussed at the Public Tuesday August 15th, 2017 meeting.
The below points were presented and suggested to Otter Creek well owners to aid in writing their ERT comments.

Comments to the environmental review for Otter creek windfarm

By making ERT comments you inform the MOECC the concerns of your community where a Wind farm can have Environmental Impacts.

Water Wells First expects the Ottercreek Wind farm will create Environmental Damage to water wells and consequently have negative effects on property values and pose a Public Safely Endangerment from the release of sediments into well water that may contain heavy metals such as Arsenic, Mercury, Lead and Uranium.

Please forward your Ottercreek Wind farm ERT Comments to this link provided by MOECC Approvals Branch below.


If you are having difficulty with the above link, which MOECC is famous for, please email your comments directly to MOECC Approvals Branch Manager
Nick Colella at:


Kindly, inform Mr Colella in your comments if the link is Inaccessible.