Water Wells First invited to attend meeting called by MOECC-Ontario Minstry of the Environment and Climate Change


Mayor Hope urged to withhold building permits for North Kent 1 wind turbines until MOECC provides answers to Water Wells First and Municipality.

On Thursday May 25th, 2017 Senior MOECC staff invited Water Wells First to a meeting at the Windsor MOECC offices to discuss concerns about Black Shale particle contamination of the aquifer underlying North Chatham-Kent.

Section 1 of the Ontario Environmental Protection Act lists Vibration as a recognized contaminant.

Vibrations from wind farm construction and operation are suspected by Water Wells First to be the cause of the Black Shale particles entering wells in the municipality and contaminating the water supply of families depending on the underlying aquifer for their water source.

Water Wells First has continued investigations into the source of Black Shale particles known to contain and transport heavy metals such as Arsenic, Lead, Mecury and Uranium in contaminated Dover township water wells.

On May 27th, 2017 Spokesperson Kevin Jakubec wrote and emailed a letter to Mayor Hope urging continued cooperation with Water Wells First and asking Mayor Hope to delay or withhold the building permits for the turbine construction for the North Kent 1 wind farm that the municipality recently invested $8 Million dollars and took a ownership share.

In preparation for the upcoming MOECC meeting Water Wells First has asked the Ministry for answers to a number of serious questions.

Chiefly. What amount of Black Shale particles of varying sizes laden with heavy metals in well water is safe for human use both acutely and over the long term? Some of these particles may be too small to be seen with the human eye.

Water Wells First is concerned that the MOECC has not to date provided science based answers to this key question.

Members of the community have expressed grave concerns over the long term health risk babies and children can be exposed to using groundwater contaminated with particles of Black Shale.

Water Wells First will discuss with the MOECC the scientific literature and expert opinions the MOECC has been asked to provide if the groundwater under North Chatham-Kent is safe to use or must be abandoned.

Until the MOECC can provide concrete answers, Water Wells First asks Mayor Hope and Council to act with caution and concern for the well being of their constituents and delay construction of North Kent 1 until the MOECC has responded.

Please click here to read letter spokesperson Kevin Jakubec sent to Mayor Randy Hope.