Water Wells First hand delivers message to Samsung Canada CEO


Water Wells First hand delivers message to Samsung Canada CEO
50% Owner of North Kent 1 Wind Farm

Today Water Wells First hand delivered a letter of Concern to Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. CEO Gi Yong Seo asking for him and his corporation to stop the construction of the North Kent 1 windfarm in Chatham-Kent Ontario and provide more protection for Canadian Aquifers by investing in groundwater research before allowing pile driving construction into sensitive aquifers.

“Close to 10 million Canadians rely on groundwater for their drinking water supply.”

“All Canadians rely indirectly on groundwater because it is the primary source of water for livestock watering and crop irrigation. As groundwater is an integral component of the hydrological cycle, the health of our streams, lakes, wetlands, and associated ecosystems depends upon groundwater.”

“Groundwater also sustains economic activity by providing significant water supplies for industries involved in manufacturing, mining and petroleum.”

“Although groundwater is a renewable resource, it is not limitless and requires wise management to protect its integrity, security and sustainability.”

Samsung invests as a stakeholder in Wind/Solar projects in Canada. Wind farm construction and operation in North Chatham-Kent are associated with a dramatic reduction of groundwater quality as observed and reported by Rural families in this area supplied by wells.

The loss of groundwater quality coincides with the pile driving of foundations for industrial scale wind turbines that in this area use construction techniques that allow steel beams to pierce the aquifer and disturb heavy metals laden Black Shale particles to contaminate well water that families use.

To date, a full and proper scientific investigation of this serious Environmental damage taking place to a Canadian Aquifer that many families in this area are financially dependent on for their water supply has not been conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Canadian Wind Energy Association, the Wind farm developers and operators of the Marsh Line Windfarm and the East St. Clair Windfarm in the former township of Dover in North Chatham-Kent and the Mayor and Councillors of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Water Wells First calls on Samsung Electronics Canada to join us to stop the destruction of this Canadian natural resource.

By stopping construction of the North Kent 1 windfarm and investing in research to find a proper remediation of the aquifer portion already damaged by the two previous wind farms in North Chatham-Kent we believe Samsung would reaffirm its commitment to being a good environmental steward of Canada’s Natural Resources.

Preventing a wider destruction of this aquifer Water Wells First believes would show true commitment by Samsung Canada to our Environment and the people of Canada.

50% ownership of the North Kent wind facility in Chatham-Kent is owned by Samsung Renewable. The corporate offices of North Kent Wind 1 GP Inc., as the general partner of North Kent Wind 1 LP are located at 2050 Derry Road West, 2nd Floor Mississauga, Ontario in the Samsung Canada corporate office.

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