Water Wells First gets Support at Queens Park



On Monday, April 3rd 2017 Water Wells First Spokesperson Kevin Jakubec was invited to Queens Park by Rick Nicholls MPP (Chatham-Kent-Essex) to meet with Monte McNaughton MPP ( Lambton- Kent-Middlesex) and Ted Arnott MPP (Wellington-Halton Hills) the Environment and Climate Change Critic to discuss serious concerns over the safety and reliability of the ground water underlying North Chatham-Kent.

MPP SupportMOECC Minister Glen Murray was invited to join the discussion after Question Period but refused.

To date the MOECC Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change has done very little to investigate the ongoing contamination of water wells in Dover Township in North Chatham-Kent from heavy metals laden Kettle Point Black Shale sediments since August, 2012 when the problem was reported by Monte McNaughton MPP to the Liberal Wynne government.

On Friday March 31st, the Pumfrey family in Chatham Township also reported to the Press during a meeting their water well is now contaminated and is no longer reliable for use for their family.

Rick Nicholls MPP attended the meeting and was shocked to see a family with a toddler, a 4 year old and a 7 year old living off a water tank in their driveway for their water supply. Not only is this extremely inconvenient but the loss to the Pumfrey’s property value is staggering.

Without a reliable safe clean water supply a rural residence is virtually worthless as a home.

Over 30 local area residents along with MPP Nicholls came to see these conditions and offered their support to the Pumfreys.

The situation for the Pumfreys is a situation that hundreds of families face in Chatham-Kent if the MOECC doesn’t use the Precautionary Principle and protect the area’s Natural Water Resource.

Water Wells First wants to know if Premier Wynne will halt the construction of the North Kent 1 Wind farm when more water wells after the Pumfrey family are reported damaged or will the Premier allow the freshwater aquifer that is 12,000 years old and is heavily relied on as a major source of water for local residents to be sacrificed for a Wind farm in a time the Province has a surplus of electricity and hydro rates are crippling to so many families.

Spokesperson Kevin Jakubec said he is pleased to work side by side with MPPs Nicholls and McNaughton who are taking leadership on this important matter. Current and future generations of Chatham-Kent rural residents will lose if a Natural Water Source is lost.

In the end it’ll mean more dependence on taking water from Lake Erie and paying for facilities to treat that water.

Keeping our aquifer safe benefits everyone in Chatham-Kent today and tomorrow.