Water Wells First asks Ombudsman to Investigate Mayor and Council for Negligence



Water Wells First will ask the Ombudsman of Ontario to investigate Mayor Hope, Council and the Administration of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent for negligence in performing their duties of Office.

Water Wells First calls on the residents of Chatham-Kent to join them in this complaint to the Ombudsman.

In the Fall of 2016, the Municipality sought and gained Party status in the Environmental Review Tribunal and as a Party received disclosure from the Appellant Kevin Jakubec.   Documents disclosed to the Municipality detailed that the bedrock underlying the North Kent aquifer to be the Kettle Point Black Shale formation containing heavy metals such as Arsenic, Mercury, Lead and Uranium.

Before the formal conclusion of the Tribunal’s mediation process; mediation that was requested by the Appellant; Mayor Hope and Chief Legal Consul John Norton made statements in the Press that they reviewed the Appellant’s disclosure documents, compared the Appellant’s documents to the documents disclosed by the North Kent 1 Wind developer and found the Golder Report produced by the Wind developer to be sufficient that little risk would be posed to the aquifer, implying little risk would be posed to the families financially dependent on the aquifer for their freshwater supply.

At no time to the present, did the Mayor and Council request an independent review by an expert Geologist to the accuracy of the statements made in the Golder Report to verify the risk assessment.

Had the Mayor and Council performed their duties of Office properly and sought an independent Geologist review of the Golder Report the Municipality would have discovered the Golder Report is critically flawed. The bedrock described in the Golder Report is not the Kettle Point Black Shale formation underlying Chatham-Kent.

Water Wells First will ask the Ombudsman to investigate and determine if the Mayor and Council’s reliance on the Golder Report constitutes a conflict of interest as the Municipality receives monies from the North Kent Wind Facility.

Water Wells First cites the Citizen’s Guide to Building Permits published by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing that; “Building Permits allow your municipality to protect the interests of both individuals and the community as a whole; the Building Code, which sets standards for the design and construction of buildings to meet objectives such as health, safety, fire protection, accessibility and resource conservation.”

In the 2017 C-K Capital Budget; Areas of Strategic Focus and Critical Success Factors on Pg. 3; Under Environmental Sustainability- “Chatham-Kent is a community that is environmentally sustainable and promotes stewardship of our natural resources.” Our aquifer is a natural resource.

Water Wells First demands accountability of Mayor Hope and Council. No building permit for North Kent 1 Windfarm should be issued until the Ombudsman Office has completed their investigation and a independent Geologist review of the Golder Report has been brought forward to Council.