Urgent Information for returning North Kent 1 Well Survey to AECOM Ltd.



As many water well owners in the North Kent 1 windfarm area are very aware; they received an unreasonable request to fill out a well survey form sent to them by AECOM Ltd acting on behalf of their clients Pattern Energy & Samsung two weeks before the Christmas holidays and return it by January 1st.

The rapid response demanded by AECOM Ltd created alot of anger, resentment and frustration in the community; many residents contacted Water Wells First trying to find the information asked in the well survey’s  technical questions.

Water Wells First contacted AECOM Ltd and asked for a extension to February 1st, 2017. Asked to give local residents a chance to find their water well information out. Adding to everyone’s frustration was not being able to correctly locate their well on the MOECC online database.

If you work in the trade, like a well driller. You know the MOECC map of well locations has an error. It is extremely difficult to locate accurately your water well using the MOECC online resources.

AECOM Ltd rejected the extension proposed by Water Wells First. Instead the consultant used Fed Ex to delevier during the holidays between Christmas and New Years a letter informing them of an extension to January 16th, 2017.

Effectively given the residents 2 weeks after the holidays to reply. Again. This has the appearance of the wind developer North Kent 1 rushing and negating the very protections the MOECC built into the REA permit to protect the community’s aquifer. An aquifer that is depended on.

In the last week Water Wells First has been flooded with upset and angry resident complaints that AECOM Ltd is rushing the process. Not allowing sufficient time to get the well survey information gathered and make reasonable arrangements to collect baseline water samples.

Complaints that no baseline well water sampling will be conducted by AECOM Ltd after January have been coming in.

This is alarming. As AECOM Ltd informed Kevin Jakubec, spokesperson for Water Wells First that well water sampling would be conducted right up to construction.

In light of this Water Wells First makes two recommendations;

Recommendation One:

Water Wells First recommends to fill your survey with your name & address, answer what questions you can, write on the form you do not know the answer if you don’t know and if the question asked concerns or offends you write those comments on the form.

Very Importantly you check Yes you agree to a baseline water sample to be taken. This is very important that a picture of the aquifer’s water quality characteristics are recorded. This helps everyone. The more testing, the more data gathered, the better the picture before construction.

Sign and date and fax back to AECOM Ltd.

Water Wells First strongly recommends everyone participating in the baseline keep a file, keep a record of the information provided to AECOM Ltd. This will be needed later on when our area’s water wells are damaged from pile driven North Kent 1 wind turbine foundations. Experience in Dover township from previous windfarm construction there leads us to believe that a number of our community’s wells will be damaged.

You will be given a copy of the test results from the baseline well water test. The wind developer is obligated to provide them.

We also suggest you ask AECOM Ltd for a copy of the information they have on file for your well. You should be able to have a copy of that information and if necessary be able to challenge and check and correct the information AECOM Ltd has gathered about your well.

Recommendation Two:

Filing a letters of Concern and Complaint.

At the Water Wells First Public meeting held last night at the Country View Golf Course Water Wells First needed to address two major issues that AECOM Ltd and the North Kent 1 developer need to address with the community.

Issue- Rushing and Negating NKW REA Permit Conditions protecting groundwater.

Too many complaints have come to Well Water First in the last 2 weeks that must be addressed.

Legitimate complaints from the community that AECOM Ltd and their wind developer client are indifferent to taking time to ensure the protection of the community’s water supply has many wondering how green and clean is wind power development. Does the promise of wind energy supplying clean electricity come with the price tag of ruining Ontario’s freshwater aquifers?

Preventing Peak Water Crisis is far more an important goal than reducing Carbon Footprint. Ontario could race to building a Hydro Grid with 100% Clean Electricity generation but be in a situation that other nations continued to pollute with Greenhouse Gas Emmissions and Climate Change worst scenarios have come to reality.

Where would Ontario be then. We have 100% Clean generated Hydro Grid but in racing there we have destroyed Ontario’s freshwater aquifer resources. We will be in a terrible state.

MOECC placed protections in the North Kent 1 REA Permit for good reasons.

CANWEA- Canadian Wind Energy Association promotes wind energy as benefincial to the environment. That this form of electricity generation is good for us. That we should embrace their industry’s contribution in reducing carbon footprint.

Water Wells First is pro renewable energy. And is Pro Wind. But reducing carbon footprint cannot be at a higher priority than protection of freshwater resources.

Losing an aquifer that supplies water to a community is not ” something that is good for us”.

In that light we ask our community send letters of Concern and Complaint to Premier Kathleen Wynne, MOECC Minister Glen R. Murray, MOECC Director Mohsen Keyvani, MOECC Area Supervisor Mark Smith and MOECC District Manager Mike Moroney

These letters are below:

Microsoft Word Documents in docx format

Supervisor Smith complaint
MOECC Minister complaint
Letter of Concern Premier
District Manager Moroney
Director Keyvani complaint

Please support us in protecting this aquifer our community depends on