The Wait is Over; Prepare your Water Well NOW for North Kent 1 Construction



Next Thursday, February 23rd at the Countryview Golf Course from 7PM to 9PM

Come out and learn what important preparations you should do to protect your water well from the imminent construction of North Kent 1.

Water Wells First has important information to share with everyone within a 11 Km radius of these 3.2MW wind turbines.

Learn what steps must be taken to protect your property from an environmental stigma when pile driving begins to damage this aquifer.

We cannot stress how critically important that residents take proactive action. Once the pile driving begins its too late.

We only have a few weeks now to get organized and we need everyone’s participation to defend this water supply we depend on.

Don’t be misled by our Chatham-Kent Mayor and Councilors. They are all in the pocket of the Wind developers. They have sold out their own constituents.

Come out and defend your property.

Come out and defend your family’s health.

Come out and make a stand against this environmental travesty.