Thank you to the dedicated Water Protectors in our community.



Water Wells First members went house to house to warn families of a pile driver being brought into the area. The MOECC would not give local residents any advanced warning that their water supply from their wells would be put in jeopardy from an active pile driver allowed by the MOECC.  The MOECC would not even give a 2 week extension to try to work out a compensation plan with Samsung should this pile driver destroy their well, their only water supply.

This is not the first time the MOECC showed a lack of caring about rural families and their groundwater.  Last June the MOECC released the REA Permit for the Samsung joint owned North Kent 1 windfarm with a provision that any water well destroyed from North Kent 1’s construction would be replaced by bottled water.

Each well owner in Ontario should place a sign on their front yard; Warning. MOECC may be hazardous to your water supply.
Not since Walkerton has the MOECC showed such an indifference to protecting families dependent on Ontario’s Aquifers.

Chatham Daily News Reference