Tell your Cell phone Provider to STOP selling the Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8 Plus


Because Samsung has not listened to stop a wind farm project they are involved in and co-own in Ontario Canada .
Tell your Cell phone Provider you don’t want their company associated with this boycotted product!

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Samsung is going ahead with the project using pile driving to build the wind turbine foundations.

Pile driving of any sort into this 12,000 year old aquifer has been seen over and over again by the families who draw their water from this aquifer to cause their well water to become contaminated with the underlying Black Shale bedrock fines.

The bedrock floor is very shallow in this area. In this part of North Chatham-Kent Ontario  the bedrock floor is only 50 to 70 feet below the surface and the water sits in a thin sensitive layer 2 to 6 feet thick of sand; the water is trapped in between the pore spaces of the sand and this sand layer sits directly on top the Black Shale bedrock.

The above photo shows a young family’s bathtub contaminated with black shale who lost their well when Samsung built a meteorological control tower without any of the necessary government approvals. NASTY! Imagine this is your home’s water pipes!

Mike Schreiner

Ontario Green Party leader
shown contaminated well water.

The Green Party of Ontario was taken to other wells from previous wind farms built using the same pile driven foundations into the aquifer in the area.

So Samsung knows that they are going to hurt all the families in this area by doing the same thing. That’s why we want to send a message to the Board of Directors back in South Korea. Get your Cell Phone Provider to STOP selling the Galaxy 8 and 8 Plus and cancel all future orders.

black-water-glassCan you imagine drinking a glass of this water every day?

Hold Corporations even like Samsung responsible to protect our Planet’s Water Resources. Future generations need Water more importantly than they need the Galaxy 8 and 8 Plus cellphones.

Tell your Cell phone Provider to offer you another choice. There are a lot of competitor’s to Samsung that offer value and features and they aren’t involved in destroying the Planet’s Water Resources.

The bedrock under the North Kent windfarm that Samsung is involved with and co-owns is the Kettle Point Black Shale formation known to be high in Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and Uranium.


See why the Canadian government considers Black Shale bedrock an Environmental Hazard.
Black Shale as an Environmental Hazard.pdf

This is serious. Water Wells First is a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting Water and the families who depend on groundwater.

Help save our most precious Natural Resource for future generations.

Water Wells First has already been in a confrontation with a windfarm developer Boralex Inc. that has damaged this areas aquifer.

What’s happening here is a Peak Water Crisis!

The pictures below show steel piles driven into the North Chatham-Kent Aquifer in Ontario from a previous windfarm.
Steel Beams for PIledrivingsteel piles