Water Wells First announces the “STOP BLACK WATER” campaign now begins.

Chatham-Kent’s Pumfrey children are expected to bath in this water by Samsung & Pattern.
This evening from 6 PM to 9PM at the Country View Golf Club on Hwy 40 AECOM Ltd the consulting engineering firm hired by Samsung and Pattern for the North Kent 1 wind farm project is hosting a fraudulent community committee meeting.

The meeting is opposed by Water Wells First and we ask the community of all well owners in North Chatham- Kent to not accept this committee as having any legitimacy whatsoever.

The committee members are hand-picked by AECOM. This is not fair. It gives the committee a bias to cater to the interests of Samsung and Pattern.

It robs the community of having a real voice and real participation.

Nowhere in the written REA Permit for North Kent 1 does anyone in our community have to enter into a written agreement to be eligible for selection by the engineering firm for the wind developer.

It is a sham. It is a mockery. It is to be seen for what it is. A control of the people and their real problems with living inside a wind farm.

Water Wells First opposes this robbing of our voices.

Our Mayor Randy Hope has not visited the Pumfrey family who lost their water well from North Kent 1. Our Mayor has yet to visit a family and to see first-hand the results of pile driving into the Black Shale bedrock in Chatham Township.
The Pumfrey family now lives off a water tank in their driveway because North Kent 1 built a Meteorological Control Tower without the approved Permit from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change – MOECC.

Water Wells First reminds Mayor Hope that awards mean little when children in our community lose their reliable source of water. Protect our children’s water Mayor Hope. Its a requirement of your job. The people pay your wages not Samsung.

Since the Mayor has refused the invitation to see these children. The Pumfrey children will come to a Council meeting to see the Mayor.

Maybe then Mayor Hope can answer these children’s questions.

Water Wells First wrote to Ontario Premier Wynne and MOECC Minister Glen Murray and other MOECC officials to ask for fair representation for the community committee. We asked to bring in a meeting facilitator that was fair and not paid for by Samsung.

MOECC Minister Murray outright rejected this request for a fair and democratic process and sided very clearly for the corporate interests of Samsung.

Water Wells First has tried to reach out to Minister Murray at Queens Park directly with the help of Rick Nicholls MPP and Monte McNaughton MPP.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change – MOECC Minister Glen Murray refused to meet. Even for one minute.

It is clear the agenda of this Provincial government is to court and keep favor with TransNational Corporations even at the expense of their people’s water supply.

Water Wells First will continue to fight for our community’s water supply.

With that. Water Wells First will continue to become more stronger in its Protests and sees all Direct Action Tactics as fair to use against the corruption that threatens our freshwater supply found in the 12,000 yr old Aquifer below North Chatham-Kent.

Water Wells First reminds MOECC Minister Glen Murray that push a people too far, choke them off from the water they need for survival, deny them a fair democratic voice and participation and you sow the seeds of rebellion.

To Premier Wynn we ask her to heed these words of wisdom- ” You Reap what you Sow when you Destroy Water”.

Water Wells First is now connecting globally thru Facebook to other Water Protectors. Other Water Activists.

We understand we are in a David versus Goliath situation when up against a TransNational Corporation like Samsung.

Water Wells First would like to remind how that confrontation ended. David won.

Water Wells First will WIN!