Premier Wynne Don’t Force Families onto Polluted Wells

Chatham-Kent residents urgently call on Premier to intervene.

See Water Wells First Feb 12, 2018 Letter PDFicon to Premier Wynne

Photo courteously of

Photo courteously of

This has been an ongoing problem from wind farm development in Chatham-Kent for the last 6 years that the Ontario Government, Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit and the local MPP’s have not addressed and solved for this rural community.
See Water Wells First letter PDFicon sent to local MPP’s on Feb 12, 2018.

MOECC recently issued findings that will force families to drink well water that is contaminated with Black Shale bedrock. Black Shale is known to be an environment hazard.  See links below.

Photo courteously of Chatham Daily News

Photo courteously of Chatham Daily News

Public Health Authorities are required to consider Black Shale as a potential source of toxic metals in water and sediments. See Arkansas State University Study PDFicon

Affected families and Chatham-Kent community outraged that the Ontario Government could allow children to drink polluted water without conducting a health hazard investigation first.

Families across rural Ontario have a right to use the 1990 Ontario Health Prevention and Promotions Act. This act allows an investigation to determine any toxicological effects that contaminated sediments like Black Shale can have.
See links below.


Maude Barlow from Council of Canadians sees polluted well water first hand

Maude Barlow from Council of Canadians
sees polluted well water first hand.

Heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, mercury and uranium are known to be found in the Black Shale that is now polluting Chatham-Kent water wells.

sediments taken from farm well

Nonedible sediments taken
from farm well water

Please send an email to Premier Wynne not to force families to drink from contaminated water wells. Ask the Premier to investigate the Black Shale pollutant with a health hazard investigation so no additional human life is put at further risk.

See Water Wells First Warning PDFicon to Dover Township well owners.