Ontario: Halt Samsung construction immediately!

Marc St. Pierre’s once clean well water is now full of silt from pile driving in Chatham-Kent.



Wind power developer Samsung Energy refuses to stop construction of its North Kent One Wind development in southwestern Ontario despite clear indications that nearby water wells are being overwhelmed with black silt stirred up by the powerful vibrations from pile driving of the new turbine foundations. Some of the affected households have so much black silt in their wells that they cannot get water from their taps.

Marc St. PierreAt least 13 families have filed well interference complaints.

Most of those who filed complaints took the precaution of having the quality of their well water independently tested and verified before the start of pile driving. All of the results showed they had crystal clear well water. The affected wells have been used for decades and prior to the start of pile driving, they had never shown any evidence of black silt contamination.

Over a year before construction even began, these pollution problems were predicted by experts who testified on behalf of the community in hearings of the Environmental Review Tribunal.

The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) based their approval of this project on a flawed computer model (paid for by the developer) which predicted there would be no impact on well water from vibrations. The reality of what is happening now must take precedence over the flawed predictions made before construction began.

The MOECC has the power to stop the construction but incredibly, it is refusing to accept that there is a connection between the start of pile driving and the sudden pollution of people’s well water.

This isn’t about whether wind power is good or bad. This is about a poorly designed project polluting people’s well water and a government that is so deeply beholden to the interests of billion-dollar corporations that it refuses to protect its own citizens.

Please take a moment to tell the Ontario government to order a halt to construction immediately.
Order a halt to Samsung construction immediately!