North Kent Wind Contaminates our Aquifer on First Attempt

C-K Municipality, Lease Farmers and NKW1 open to lawsuits


water-in-the-pitDespite Water Wells First informing the MOECC-Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change 2 days ago, on June 21st, 2017 that the first NKW1 construction site readied for pile driving lacked any pile caps or proper measures to ensure the bottom ends of the piles were properly waterproofed to prevent rainwater or surface water from entering the steel pipes and getting into the vulnerable aquifer below, the MOECC appears to have dropped the ball on this and NOT prevented the contamination of our water source. For two years Water Wells First raised over $100,000 in donations from the community to support the cause to warn the MOECC, Samsung ,AECOM, Pattern and the Mayor, Council and C-K Administration that proper care must be used to protect this vital 12,000 year aquifer. In less than one day all our efforts are thrown away with the construction crews showing up.

As seen in this video taken this morning, no waterproof end cap was placed on the first pile/steel tube hammered into the aquifer. Rain now travels directly into the aquifer below contaminating it.

un-capped-pileunsealed-pileWas no Chatham-Kent Building Inspector checking up on this clear violation?  Did the Mayor and Council’s investment of nearly $8 million dollars into this project and taking a share owner position come with a free license from the municipality to Samsung and its partners to contaminate our aquifer so brazenly?

This looks more and more like a conflict of interest when the municipality invests in projects yet at the same time is responsible to see that proper regulations and protections are enforced.  This will cost the municipality dearly when neighbouring well owners launch lawsuits against the C-K municipality for NOT ensuring the most simplest of building code safeguards are NOT put in place or being monitored.

Does the municipality have enough liability insurance coverage on hand or will everyone’s taxes have to be raised to cover these damages since the Chatham-Kent Municipal Corporation is responsible for issuing the building permits for these turbines and foundations.

unsealed-pile2Rain-Level-at-SiteLet’s see our Councillors be responsible to our people.

And can anyone from the C-K municipality or the MOECC staff do their job and call Samsung to get that pile capped immediately!