North Kent 1 Already Wrecking Wells !!!



In response to a marketing email sent out Oct 18, 2016 by NKW 1 to spin the company as a trustworthy steward of our environment several facts need to come to light.

Let our community judge for themselves if this wind company has our interests of safe well water at heart or is more interested in profit taking and peddling propaganda dressed up as science to us.

Let the facts speak

Fact 1

NKW 1 Breaks the Rules
The wind company breaks the very regulation Reg 359/09 meant to protect people and the environment from windfarm development.

In early June 2016 the wind company constructed a Meteorological tower on Oldfield Line without obtaining the necessary REA Permit from the MOECC.

The MOECC is prosecuting NKW 1 for this blatant disregard of following the rules.

Fact 2

NKW 1 filed construction and decommissioning plans with the MOECC that spread-foot foundation type would be used for the Meteorological tower.

Instead the wind company used a pile driver to use a pile type foundation for the tower resulting in a number of local wells over 1 mile away from the construction site to have turbidity problems.

NKW 1 has proven it files one thing with the MOECC and does something completely different in the field.

How can our community trust that NKW 1 will follow any of the groundwater and vibration monitoring conditions in the REA Permit in good faith?

Fact 3

Families are out of pocket considerable monies fixing the damage to their wells from this illegal construction.

NKW 1 writes in their marketing spin email the following:
” North Kent Wind has been advised by scientific experts it has retained during the application for the REA and the subsequent appeal that there are no grounds to believe that vibrations caused by the construction and operation of the wind turbines in the project will influence groundwater”


Clearly the science they have purchased doesn’t hold up to facts in the real world.
It’s up to each family on a well in Chatham Township to make a judgement call. Do you trust this NKW 1 corporation or do you trust Water Wells First to stand up for our well water supply?