NKW1 begins Pile Driving in Chatham Township

Hammering begins but then suddenly Stops. Why?

Video taken today shows construction crews beginning to pile drive the first turbine foundation located off Darrell Line in Chatham Township, Ontario for the North Kent 1 Wind farm owned by Samsung and its partners.

piledriver1Tpiles-on-truckhe piles so far seen delivered to the site, are long pipes made by Atlas Tube Inc. with one end open and the other end filled with a small amount of concrete. A close examination of the labels attached to each pipe gives the dimensions of the pipe to be 16 inches in diameter, 73 ft 4 inches long and weighing 3845 lbs. each.

As quickly as the hammering into our underlying Black Shale bedrock began it stopped. Only one pile was driven today at this location. Another pile driver is now seen on Caledonia Side Road near Brook Line.

How many pile drivers will descend on us, we don’t know yet. But Water Wells First is getting ready to meet them all. A Water Well First information picket was formed for the first time today to “educate” the construction crews going into the Darrell Line site about the serious unnecessary Risk of Heavy Metal particles becoming disturbed from the underlying Black Shale bedrock and entering the well water of nearby farms from their construction work.

pile-driver-in-pitWWF-in-Action2You’ll be able to hear the banging of the hammer strikes hitting the pile/pipe from this video. Vibrations were felt in the ground from nearby Water Wells First members.

It’s a mystery why the construction crews stopped after hammering just one pile. Hopefully these men have a conscious and families and realize that if the roles were reversed they would find themselves protesting as we do to protect our family’s water supply and health.