A New Era of Water Protection in Canada

To the deniers; who say water is not being degraded by wind turbine construction.

Ontario MOECC stands up against CANWEA

It has been brought to the Ontario Government ‘s attention on Aug 8th 2012 by Monte McNaughton MPP Lambton Kent Middlesex in a letter at that time to the Honorable Christopher Bentley Minister of Energy; that water wells were becoming contaminated from the foundation construction for wind turbines in the former township of Dover, Chatham-Kent Municipality.
See the link to the letter below for yourself.


The type of foundation used and preferred by the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA) in North Chatham-Kent is the pile type foundation where steel piles are pounded into the underlying bedrock.

This bedrock is the “Kettle Point Black Shale Bedrock” known from scientific literature to contain some of the highest heavy metal concentrations in Canada such as arsenic, mercury, lead and uranium.

The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change understands the risks that this would pose to the environment and to human health and have used the precautionary principle to put in ground water monitoring and ground borne vibration monitoring requirements for the construction, operation and decommissioning of the North Kent 1 wind farm to be built in the former Chatham Township, Chatham-Kent Municipality.

Chatham Township is beside Dover Township, same area, same bedrock. SAME STORY!

See the link below for the MOECC permit issued with section G – ground water, section H -ground borne vibration requirements against the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA). To be clear that means the MOECC is standing up against CANWEA and not letting them run rampant with our Water Resources any more.


If ALL you deniers out there think that the MOECC puts these permit conditions on the wind industry without justification, you are fools and should be ashamed of your disregard for protecting the environment.

You claim there is no proof, you claim there is “no scientific proof”, you are nothing but carnival barkers for a wind industry that uses GAG contracts to suppress this real environmental damage from coming to light. You are ALL exposed now. Every single one of you!
Get used to it. We are going to fight for these Water protections and see that every wind farm permit from now on, protects Water.

So… You want PROOF? Are you sure you can handle the PROOF? Can you?

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