MOECC Just Announced Pile Driving Allowed for North Kent 1 Wind farm project.



Call to Action for all Water Protectors to Mobilize and Stop the pile drivers from Spreading more Heavy Metals Contamination into our Aquifer!

What is pile driving?

Water Wells First Spokesperson Kevin Jakubec received voicemail from MOECC Area Supervisor Smith on Friday, June 16th, 2017 that the MOECC will allow Samsung and their partners to use pile drivers to build the foundations for the turbines for the North Kent 1 Wind Farm.

Water Wells First has for over a year warned all parties that turbine construction using pile type foundations puts our aquifer and community at unnecessary Risk.

⚠️ How many more families have to lose their wells?

How many more families have to be exposed to the health risks-increased Cancers from using Heavy Metals contaminated well water?

Pile driving into this aquifer has been observed repeatedly from two previous pile type driven wind farms to have contaminated a number of North Chatham-Kent farm wells with fine particles of Black Shale. The particles contain Heavy Metals-Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and Uranium.

It is very disappointing that the MOECC allowed Samsung and Pattern joint owners of North Kent 1 the permission to pile drive before Water Wells First’s meeting on June 28th with MOECC management.

Will the Ministry shut down this wind farm project when another well is damaged is the question we will ask MOECC management.

The common sense answer would be yes. A no answer would bring World-Wide condemnation of the Ministry.

A no answer would prove beyond any shadow of doubt the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is not a trusted steward of Water Protection.

A more appropriate and accurate description for the MOECC at that point would be the Ministry of the Environment and Corporate Collusion.

Water Wells First will call on all Ontarians that value Water to see the MOECC is held accountable.

If the Walkerton tragedy did not teach this Ministry’s management to protect Water and Human Health then surely Chatham-Kent will.