March 22, 2017 World Water Day



Today, on March 22, 2017 designated as World Water Day by the United Nations to remember the need to act to prevent Water Crisis from occurring across the globe, Water Wells First announces that it will provide a gift of the book Drinking Water: Physics, Chemistry and Biology by Vladyslav V. Goncharuk published by Springer, July 8th 2014 to Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope, Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray and Samsung Canada President and CEO Gi Young Seo.

It is hoped that each of these leaders instead of a receiving a Shame Award receive the gift of knowledge that a society’s well being and prosperity and the quality of life of its citizens is intricately linked to clean safe water will spark an interest in each of them to protect Chatham-Kent’s Natural Water Supply found in the underlying aquifer of North Chatham-Kent and not continue along the present course which will result in the destruction of this water resource from the construction of the North Kent 1 wind facility.

A quote in the Preface of the book is very appropriate for each gentleman to consider.

“The intellect of any nation is determined by the quality of its drinking water and the progress of a civilization depends on the level of water supply and sewage systems”

Given the sad news that Chatham-Kent Council voted this week to invest taxpayer’s money into North Kent 1 and see the North-Kent 1 windfarm in only monetary gains and not it’s real World consequence-the destruction of Water, to not see the real World loss of property value and the loss of the Quality of Life for its constituents Water Wells Firsts warns Mayor Hope and Council that this transaction will forever seal Chatham-Kent’s Reputation as a community that neglects Water and its Families needs.  The few pieces of silver gained today in the Municipality’s hands will cost our community much more investments in the Future. Our community will have the unique distinction and legacy of its local leaders investing and profiting at the destruction of Water.

Given the sad realization that the current MOECC is complicit in the cover up of the aquifer damage that has been known and documented since August, 2012 in North Chatham-Kent and MOECC officials in the Abatement Unit refuse to do proper follow up of substantial records of proof of water well damage in Dover township Water Wells First warns MOECC Minister Glen Murray that all community trust in the MOECC as Protectors of Ontario’s Water resources is lost. The MOECC is seen as a Destroyer of Water not a Protector.

Ontario will now be seen by all Provinces and U.S. States that share the Great Lakes Water Basin as a province not to be trusted in the protection of this important resource. The groundwater under Chatham-Kent flows into and recharges Lake Erie. The legacy of duplicity and inaction of the MOECC will have consequences into the future for millions of North Americans.

Given the sad reaction by Samsung Canada to pursue this wind facility’s development and jeopardize the Quality of Life of Canadians by destroying a Canadian Aquifer’s Water Quality Water Wells First warns Samsung Canada CEO Gi Young Seo that Samsung’s claim that its retail products improve the Quality of Life is in stark contradiction to the reality that Samsung participates in the destruction of Water and the subsequent serious destruction of the Quality of Life.

Water Wells First will report and ask the United Nations Environment Programme that Chatham-Kent, Ontario be designated a Water Crisis zone. That the loss of Natural Water resources was avoidable but financial inducements outweighed the importance to protect Water.

Water Wells First will report to the Pacific Institute which monitors the loss of water resources globally that a Peak Water Crisis exists in Chatham-Kent and is expanding. Water Wells First will ask the Pacific Institute to record Chatham-Kent as a significant loss of freshwater resources.

On World Water Day 2017, it is with a heavy heart that the members of Water Wells First see that the Chatham-Kent Municipality, the MOECC and Samsung Canada prefer to allow the destruction of Water.

Water Wells First will continue the fight to protect this important source of Water to our community and will use whatever tactics that are necessary to achieve this goal.

Water Wells First asks all Water Protectors globally to join our cause.