Last Chance this Thursday morning to get your private particle well test.

First NKW1 foundation ready for pile driving.  Time to test has run out.


The video in this post was taken Sunday evening June 18th showing a number of tubes prepared in the concrete base of the turbine just off Darrell Line, Chatham Township, Ontario.  Piles are expected to be driven through these tubes into the underlying black shale bedrock below.

This is what we have been have warning our community about for over a year now.  Pile driving into this sensitive aquifer has been observed to release fine particles of Kettle Point Black Shale from the underlying bedrock and becomes CARRIED into the well water.

The problem is the black shale contains arsenic, mercury, lead and uranium.  Heavy metals cause increases in Cancer.  It is hard to believe the MOECC would allow this happen.  It is hard to believe Samsung and its partners would place profit over health but unfortunately it is happening.

Please contact Water Wells First through our Facebook or website to arrange a private legal chain of custody baseline test that measures the current number if any of black shale particles CARRIED in your well water now.  Baseline testing is essential.

baseThe MOECC did not require Samsung and it partners for the NKW1 project to take this most important test.  Why the MOECC would not look at black shale particles CARRIED in the water is a question we will be asking senior MOECC management at an upcoming meeting on June 28th.

To date the MOECC has NOT defined well interference from any of the testing parameters they imposed on the proponent through any of the NKW1 REA permit conditions.  A defined change in turbidity values would be the most obvious place to start but the MOECC has yet to define well interference like this for this permit.

craneDid the MOECC do their job?  Given we are dealing with a heavy metal contamination that affects a human population, should criminal charges be brought against MOECC Minister Glenn Murray who has written that the NKW1 permit conditions protect human health?  How can he declare they are protecting human health when the MOECC cannot define well interference for this permit?

outsideWithout well interference being defined; changes in test parameters that clearly show the degradation of well water quality, the MOECC as the regulator cannot find heavy metal contamination that is occurring in the aquifer and take the appropriate control to stop the proponent’s use of pile driving which is putting human health at risk.

In the event that a well is heavy metal contaminated by pile driving, the MOECC or the permit as written has NO INTENT of protecting human health.  The MOECC has NOT KEPT you or your family safe.

will-stopAre we dealing with a fraudulent statement from the Minister of Environment or are we dealing with something more serious like criminal negligence?  Will the Minister tell the people of Dover Township that have well water with Black Shale particulates CARRIED in it, that water is SAFE TO DRINK???

You can see the importance of everyone in Chatham township getting a private legal chain of custody baseline test that measures the current number if any of black shale particles CARRIED in your well water because if your well becomes loaded with black shale particles from pile driving your health is at risk.