1. WATER WELLS FIRST knows there is strength in numbers. Our success depends on creating a network of water well owners that communicate and work together to advocate the protecting of water wells. If necessary, WATER WELLS FIRST will protest to ensure proper safeguards are put in place before any detrimental construction activity from any industry negatively impacts an aquifer.
  2. A WATER WELLS FIRST sign in your front yard tells the world, anyone who passes by that you are a member of the community of concerned well owners who intends to protect their water wells above all else.
  3. Wearing a WATER WELLS FIRST T-shirts (order T-shirts here) when out takes that message with you and helps to keep the issue of ground water protection in the public’s awareness.
  4. Your comments in writing or emailing letters to your local municipal council MPPs and MPs is needed. We must instill the need to give ground water more priority in legislation. This is especially true with regard to the Ontario Green Energy Act, renewable energy cannot be at the expense of our ground water resources.
  5. Support WATER WELLS FIRST by getting a sign (order signs here) and wearing a T–shirt. (order T-shirts here) If you are able to help our cause we greatly appreciate your consideration. The legal costs, required to push the MOECC and the wind developer into an Environmental Review Tribunal and to successfully come out the other side with meaningful protection of our Chatham-Kent aquifer are mounting, your contributions can make a big difference.
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Local Drop Off Locations for Donations (Cash or Cheque only)

Ritch-Meyer Machine
c/o Larry Meyerink
8610 Greenvalley Line
Chatham, ON N0P 1M0

Profotas Farm Equipment
c/o Yvonne Profota
24768 Centre Side Road
RR#2 Chatham, ON, N7M 5J2 (Eberts)

Barry Forsyth
24939 Centre Side Road
Chatham, ON