First Step to getting Reimbursed for doing the MOECC’s work




Water Wells First wants to Thank Mayor Hope and MPP Monte McNaughton for both writing to Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray to ask for all costs to be reimbursed for the Legal Chain of Custody Water Testing that Water Wells First strongly recommended and still recommends to everyone in Chatham-Kent to take before pile driving starts for wind turbine foundations.
Steel Beams for PIledrivingWater Wells First would like to extend a special congratulations and job well done to Councillor Jeff Wesley for persisting with helping in seeing these costs are rightly reimbursed by the MOECC-Ministry OF Environment. We at Water Wells First recognized that we may have gotten off to a bad start with Councillor Wesley but we appreciate his determination to see the aquifer underlying North Chatham-Kent remains undisturbed and stays in its Natural Pristine state.
This is the first baby step in getting the obvious and now documented vibration sensitive Aquifer and the underlying Black Shale bedrock high in Arsenic, Mercury, Lead and Uranium designated a Protected Water Source and prohibited from having any pile driven foundations from any structures.
We encourage Councillor Wesley, Mayor Hope and MPP Monte McNaughton to keep up the excellent work now and write to Ontario Minister of Health Dr. Eric Hoskins and the Ontario Medical Officer Dr. David Williams to bring the Ministry of Health resources into use now to determine the health risk extent to the families of Dover township. Dr. William Sawyer a toxicologist who was an expert witness in the North Kent 1 Environmental Tribunal provided numerous studies to the MOECC and the Chatham-Kent Municipality’s Legal Department that a long-term risk for higher malignancy rates exists from water laden with Black Shale.
foundation baseWater Wells First will immediately call a meeting of its members to discuss this excellent step forward and will be prepared to assist in the forms and paperwork from the MOECC to all those who took the tests to get their money back.
Water Wells First will invite MOECC Senior Hydrogeologist Bruce Harman from the London MOECC Offices who we communicate with to our next meeting to give us an update in the progress of the MOECC’s investigation of continuing well interference in Dover Township.
Water Wells First recognizes this one little step forward, is but one avenue available in designating the entire aquifer in North Chatham-Kent as a Protected Water Source.
The other avenue available is to mount public pressure on the owners of the North Kent and Otter Creek windfarms to protect our Water Source, Families and Properties.