First Chatham township family falls victim to Samsung and Pattern’s North Kent 1 wind farm


Mayor Hope get our $8 Million tax dollars out of this Environmental Disaster Now!!!

An invitation is extended to all Press to meet the first Chatham township family to face the grave consequences of losing their groundwater supply this Friday, March 31st at 4:15PM at the Pumfrey residence at 9802 Bush Line, Chatham township.

The family reported to the MOECC in early June 2016 that pile driving used in the foundation for the nearby North Kent 1 Meteorological Control Tower caused their well water to turn turbid.

black-water-March-2017Their well water is now completely unreliable and has forced the family onto a tank trailer in their driveway.

The Meteorological Control Tower was constructed without the appropriate MOECC permit. The REA Permit was issued on June 29th, 2016 and any construction without a REA permit is a clear violation of Reg. 359/09 that regulates Wind farm development in Ontario.

Mr. Christopher Price, Investigator, Investigations and Enforcement Branch of the MOECC Windsor Offices followed up with the Pumfrey family and several other area families within a 2-mile radius of the pile driving activity who also reported adverse well water effects last year but to our knowledge no charges from the MOECC have been brought forward against Samsung and Pattern.

Water Wells First asks the MOECC to immediately halt the test pile driving experiments at Claymore Line and Bear Line and at Prince Albert Side Road and Bush Line until the Pumfrey family has received proper compensation for the loss of their water supply and property value.

Chatham township rural families haven no protection whatsoever. A proper Well Interference Compensation Plan is needed should these pile driving experiments ordered by the MOECC damage or destroy a families’ water well.  Samsung and Pattern have not forwarded a realistic Well Interference Compensation Plan for these tests or for the construction, operation and decommissioning of their wind turbines.

Water Wells First see’s this as indifference on the part of the MOECC to use local families as Guinea Pigs and reckless disregard by MOECC Minister Glen Murray to even contemplate this.

The Pumfrey family has 3 young children and are forced to live off a water tank in their driveway. The loss of quality of life is staggering when a reliable water source is taken away from children. The property devaluation of a lot and house is equally staggering. No one wants to buy a house in the country without access to reliable clean safe water.

Water Wells First’s consulting hydrogeologist is investigating and will follow up with the MOECC. What is clear is that pile driving into the underlying aquifer in Chatham township poses a clear danger to the community’s water supply. Wells may be at risk not only during the active construction phase but may also be damaged to a degree that eventually they degrade into the same Black Shale particle laden contaminated water as seen in Dover township. All North Chatham-Kent has the same contact type aquifer and same sensitive geology that makes pile driving into Black Shale a hazard to any family on well water.

Water Wells First asks Mayor Hope to remove the recent $8 Million taxpayer investment out of North Kent 1 as soon as possible. It is clear now to every taxpayer in our C-K Municipality that this Council is investing in a Massive Environmental Disaster.

We do not want the reputation of a Municipality that invests in creating hardships from the loss of Water for our Families and our Children nor do we want to be known as a place that profits from the destruction of Water.

Water Wells First will invite Mayor Hope and each Councillor to attend this Press Event this Friday, March 31st at 4:15PM at the Pumfrey residence and will also ask each of them to put forward a motion at the earliest Council meeting to remove the $8 Million tax payer investment in North Kent 1.  Samsung and Pattern CEO’S will be sent letters asking for immediate compensation for this young family’s losses.

The Councillors who voted against this investment last week now have a rare opportunity to bring this family’s story to Council and put forward a motion to take back the $8 Million dollars from Samsung and Pattern and use those monies for our community’s more pressing needs.

It is hoped that Councillors Bondy and Wesley who spoke out in the Press last week against this ill investment will lead the other Councillors in getting our taxpayer money out of what will surely be the biggest Environmental Water Disaster in recent Canadian history.

It is hoped that Councillors Bondy and Wesley will prevent our Municipality’s reputation from being tarnished. We hope they will forward a motion to distance the municipality’s involvement and investment in North Kent 1 as quickly as possible with other Councillors joining in.

Our community’s history will note who takes corrective action and who does not. History as Flint Michigan and Walkerton has shown is inescapable.