We need your continued Donations to keep advancing the Research and Awareness about Windfarms in Ontario doing serious damage to our groundwater resources. The Facts are coming out. 

The Canadian Public demand a Full Accountability of the CANWEA-Canadian Wind Energy Association!

More stories are coming into the Press, families that are financially dependent on groundwater are losing their freshwater supply from wind farm construction and operation. Our Provincial and Chatham-Kent Municipal governments despite their Press statements that they care about Water are in fact complicit with the Wind Industry in destroying Ontario’s aquifers for this generation and all generations that will follow. This is NOT Clean Energy when we lose freshwater resources for our People.

Water Wells First supports Clean Electricity Generation. But preventing a Peak Water Crisis from happening is a much higher priority than generating electricity from any means- Clean or Fossil.

Please Donate to help us bring more scientific findings to the Ontario Government and to the World that in North Chatham-Kent, CANWEA-Canadian Wind Energy Association is creating a Peak Water Crisis; making the well water contaminated with sediments from the underlying Kettle Point Black Shale bedrock.

Please Donate to help us keep the awareness and the public pressure on government to get to the bottom of this scandal. Not since Walkerton has a Provincial and Municipal government been so negligent in protecting Water for its citizens.
We Canadian taxpayers cannot afford to fund CANWEA-Canadian Wind Energy Association when the Industry is indifferent to a families Water needs. Protect Our Water Now or Defund CANWEA!

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