black-water-glassBecause Samsung has been repeatedly warned that a windfarm project they are involved in and co-own will contaminate a Freshwater Aquifer in Ontario Canada if the project continues.

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Peak Water Crisis Explained…

On April 11th,2017 Samsung ran a community committee meeting where the wind farm project is located in Chatham-Kent Ontario Canada with committee representatives they handpicked with clear bias and favor to Samsung’s interests without the support or approval of the local community. The community attended and protested bitterly and interrupted the meeting with objections thru out the night.

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Water Wells First a grassroots Water Protection Activist group placed bottles of well water already contaminated with Black Shale particles high in Arsenic, Mercury, Lead and Uranium from local wells contaminated from pile driven wind turbine foundations; the turbine foundations hammer steel beams into the aquifer and underlying Black Shale bedrock and disrupt Black Shale particles into the well water. Two other wind farms using pile driven foundations previously built into the North Chatham-Kent aquifer already caused a number of families to have contaminated wells.

Samsung knows this is a problem from the two windfarms previously built but Samsung still continues ahead with the project. Unnecessarily Risking more of the aquifer.
Samsung knows building this windfarm will Destroy Water and Hurt Families.

One family with young children has already been hurt by Samsung and lost their well. Samsung executives allowed a control tower for the North Kent 1 wind farm project to be built with a pile driven foundation before any government approvals where given to proceed.
The community at the April 11th meeting told Samsung to replace this family’s water well with a water line immediately at the corporations expense but no water line from Samsung has been provided.
Samsung is putting hundreds of families at risk of losing their water supply by continuing with the construction.

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North Kent 1 Windfarm

Samsung8aThe ONLY WAY to save this 12,000 yr old Canadian Aquifer is to stop the North Kent 1 Wind farm from being constructed.
Until this wind farm project Samsung is involved in and co-owns is stopped and the family that lost their well is helped out with a water line this family’s children continue to have no reliable water source.

We call on you to NOT PURCHASE the Samsung Galaxy 8 & 8 plus smartphones to send a strong message back to Samsung’s Board of Directors in South Korea:

  1. Follow Ethical Business Practices
  2. Do NOT Destroy Water where you do business on this Planet
  3. Do NOT Hurt Families by taking away water from their Children