Did Samsung Screw Up on the First Pile for NKW 1?

Did their Engineers get it wrong and will lawsuits fly in coming weeks?


The Mystery of why NKW 1 stopped pile driving on Darrell Line may be solved by carefully watching this video of construction workers tapping a number of pile/steel pipes with a sledge hammer.

label-on-pileHouston we may have Problem!

uncapped-pileEveryone remembers how Samsung smartphones just a little while ago burst into flames. So we know the level of engineering we can expect if Samsung is involved in any kind of technical project.

So it’s no surprise that North Kent 1’s piles, actually steel pipes may have been delivered without the correct amount of concrete fill in the pipes. The pipes are delivered open ended on one end without any steel caps and closed on the other end with a concrete plug. How much concrete is in this plug is a critical engineering factor.

front-of-pilesWithout enough concrete in the 16 inch diameter pipe that can withstand the hammer striking and not crack apart and without having any steel plate or pin welded inside the pipe to securely hold the concrete plug in place then a real risk exists to create nothing but a direct channel for surface waters to travel to the underlying aquifer and contaminate it.

WWF-in-ActionIf the steel pipe isn’t properly manufactured to high standards from the get go then why would the MOECC approve a foundation design that could be built so shoddily.

Let’s hope Samsung Engineers go back to the drawing board.