Councillor LeClair to Ask for Evidence from C-K Medical Officer



Councillor LeClair met today Oct 21, 2016 with Water Well First members and their spokesperson Kevin Jakubec to discuss opinions expressed yesterday by Dr. David Colby M.D. Chief Medical Officer for Chatham-Kent.

Councillor LeClair agreed to ask Dr. Colby on behalf of Water Wells First to provide any evidence supporting his opinion that there is not really a risk to human health from drinking well water, contaminated with particulates from former Dover township water wells.  In an interview with the Chatham Daily News, Dr. Colby says “there isn’t a line of evidence implicating wind turbines with the problem”.  Dr. Colby further explains “the studies he has read about ground-borne vibrations would not support that as a likely ideology”.

Water Wells First understands that Dr. Colby is not a qualified expert in the field of seismology and questions his ability to give expert opinion on ground-borne vibration studies. It is far better that Dr. Colby provide opinions in a field where he holds credentials.

The C-K Medical Officer of Health has the legislated responsibility to protect the health and well being of individuals and the community and to provide medical direction for clinical services and reports directly to the Chatham-Kent Board of Health.  The Medical Officer of Health provides medical direction and insures that the mandatory public health program standards are in compliance with the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

Dr. Colby should scientifically investigate and confirm on behalf of our community what is the physical characteristics and chemical compositions of the sediments that are contaminating  water wells in the former Dover Township.  Dr Colby should execute his duties of office and determine using evidence based medicine instead of conjecture if any toxicity risk is posed to the population both in short and long term exposures.

It is clear that Chatham-Kent officials are unaware of the consequences of neglecting ground water protection.  Ontario has standards for maintaining the safety of water supplies for all citizens.

Ontario Drinking Water Standards PDF document