Clean Well Water Fight Continues



Kevin Jakubec on Blackburn News Media explained the decision that everything that was possible to extract from Reg 359/09 the regulation governing wind farm construction, operation & decommissioning was extracted during the Mediation meeting.

Important improvements where made in the NKW 1 permit but by no means should the community rely solely on the Wind Developer to protect our water supply.
Every family on water wells in North Chatham-Kent needs to know that the NKW 1 REA Permit has NO CONFIDENTIALITY requirements for the well owner to enter into.

Water Wells First will continue the fight.

Water Wells First will protect families taking water from the underlying Aquifer in North Chatham-Kent by doing a independent investigation into former Dover township well problems.
A toxicity assessment of well water in the former Dover township will be conducted by a Toxicologist and those results will be published in a peer reviewed medical journal.
Only by understanding what happened to Dover township wells can our community protect its well water supply and prevent the loss of this Aquifer.
The loss of this Aquifer would cause the financial ruin of the Municipality. It will cost $millions of dollars to expand the Municipality Water Pipeline system.
Every water bill payer in Chatham-Kent would see an increase in their water bills. At time when families are struggling with Hydro bills.

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