Chatham Kent Windfarm admits pile driving caused water wells to go murky

Wind Company admits negative impact on Ontario Ground Water.


This audio recording below of Augusto Di Maria Director of Operations Engie – East St. Clair wind farm in Dover Township opens the door for water well owners to bring civil law suits against the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.


Phone Conversation on Aug 18th 2017 beginning at 11:39am EST between Christine Burke and Augusto Di Maria (Director of Operations) of Engie – East St. Clair wind farm in Dover Township, Chatham-Kent.

Christine Burke is a Water Wells First member who lives in the East St. Clair wind farm and as a well owner she and her family have been struggling daily with Black Water. Black particulates constantly contaminate her water supply and have thrown her family’s quality of life into a tail spin.

Without clean reliable safe water, anyone’s family life becomes a Living Hell.

Many of us have been angered and frustrated by the inaction of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to protect our ground water resources and our well being from wind turbine construction and operation. Water Wells First wants to reassure all the families who depend on their wells that municipalities and councilors can be held accountable.

Municipal and Councillor Liability PDF

Municipal Liability:Building Construction PDF

Ontario EPA Prosecutions PDF

On August 22nd 2016 Chatham-Kent Council made a motion authorizing Legal Counsel to attend the North Kent Wind Environmental Review Tribunal on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 and ask that the Environmental Review Tribunal hear our citizen’s concerns and to TAKE ALL STEPS NECESSARY TO PRESERVE AND PROTECT WATER WELLS IN CHATHAM-KENT.

Aurthorized Legal Counsel to Protect Water Wells

Despite clear warnings during the North Kent Wind Environmental Review Tribunal that water wells could be damaged the Municipality and the Mayor of Chatham-Kent went ahead and invested nearly $8 Million dollars into the North Kent Wind project and took an ownership position and therefore also a liability exposure.

At the August 15th 2017 Water Wells First public meeting, nearly 200 members expressed their outrage that the Municipality failed to preserve and protect wells in Chatham-Kent. Five wells up to that date were reported to the MOECC for well interference complaints from the nearby pile driving for the NKW turbine foundations.

Also at the August 15th 2017 Water Wells First public meeting, members overwhelmingly voted for the resignation of Mayor Hope and Chief Legal Counsel John Norton over email communications between the Municipality and Pattern Development.

Mr. Norton failed to check the accuracy of the statement that he asked Pattern Development to release to our local media.

Mr. Norton failed to do proper diligence of the facts of the Brooks well interference complaint as he admitted in the above press statement from CKXS, Mr Norton states “I have no knowledge or expertise in testing water. So it’s not for me to judge whether the testing is accurate”, says Norton.” Water tests aside, the Brooks family was well known to be without water from earlier Press statements.

The complaint to the Ontario Ombudman’s Office of potential conflict of interest; given the Municipality invested nearly $8 Million dollars into the North Kent Wind farm is justified against Mr. Norton, given Mr Norton was tasked by Council through a Motion on August 22nd 2016 TO TAKE ALL STEPS NECESSARY TO PRESERVE AND PROTECT WATER WELLS IN CHATHAM-KENT.

Why would Mr. Norton, GIVEN THE TASK TO TAKE ALL STEPS NECESSARY TO PRESERVE AND PROTECT WATER WELLS IN CHATHAM-KENT, not have taken the step to do proper diligence before asking Pattern Development to release information directly to our local media?

Mayor Hope in a July 5th 2017 press statement, stated “there has been nothing brought to the municipality that indicates there is any connection [with wind farm development].”

Unfortunately for Mayor Hope is days are now numbered. The audio recording below, clearly implicates that Chatham-Kent Municipality was fully aware and was in communication and continues to be in communication with the East St. Clair wind farm through the Director of Operations Augusto Di Maria for damages and repairs from past Wind Turbine Piling driving that caused water wells to go turbid and murky during construction.

If the Municipality was aware in 2012 during East St. Clair’s construction that wells were being damaged, why would Mayor Hope approve North Kent Wind building permits let alone push so hard for investing nearly $8 Million dollars into it and be so determined to see North Kent Wind built, when he knew his constituent’s water supply would be put at Risk?

Quote Augusto Di Maria at 9:46: “We’ve had people reach out to the Municipality the Municipality said Hey we got a complaint in the area can you go and take a look at it”

Quote Augusto Di Maria at 2:53: “And then after a couple days it settles down so I’ve been thinking it kind of went along with our theory that the Pounding Action disturbed it and then it kind of settled and disappeared”

Quote Question Christine Burke 22:53: “Yeah but you did see well problems so that you know there is an issue out here?”

Quote Answer Augusto Di Maria: “I did see well issues when we were punching the piles through the Earth and at that point in time there was a disturbance and that makes sense”

Of course it makes sense, below is a guide book from April 2015 for planning considerations that Wind Farms impact Ground Water.

Wind Farms and Groundwater Impacts Guide PDF