Chatham-Kent Elected Officials must Stop this Practice of Profiteering & Celebrating the Destruction of their Water.



The picture of the pile driver is the actual machine brought in to drive piles-steel beams in a test program cooked up by the MOECC Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to use local water wells and families as Guinea Pigs for the North Kent 1 Windfarm.

pile-driverSamsung and Pattern are joint owners of the North Kent 1 Windfarm and conveniently as always none of these companies executives live and depend on the Aquifer they’re willing to risk destroying by hammering long steel piles into the underlying Black Shale bedrock  proven to be high in Heavy Metals like Arsenic, Mercury, Lead and Uranium.

Commonsense seems absent all the way around here. The Mayor and Council of the Chatham-Kent Municipality where this project is located invested $8  million dollars into the project and are now trying to sell to their people that  this is a great investment on their behalf.

We’re told to trust them. We’re told to ignore the Heavy Metal laden Black Shale sediments now in the well water.

Sound like Flint Michigan or Walkerton?  Its far worse!!! Neither of those places invested willingly in destroying their people’s water. Chatham-Kent gets a special mention. Here they profit and celebrate.

Any other place on this Planet that wants to destroy their Water Source contact Mayor Randy Hope at:

Think a pile driver can’t damage anything?  Its called Hammer for a reason

The Mayor and Council may want to make a profit on Destroying Water. But the People of Chatham-Kent OPPOSE this. We need your help to stop the senseless destruction of Water.

We ask all Water Protectors to help us. Tell our Mayor and Council to stop destroying  a 12,000 year old freshwater aquifer.

There are Millions of Americans and Canadians who depend daily on GroundWater.
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