Chatham-Kent Contaminated Well Tour 9AM Tuesday August 29, 2017

Google Map to 9715 Greenvalley Line, Dresden, Ontario


Come out for a day and see the Families living with No Safe Reliable Water in SW Ontario because of the Poorly Implemented Green Energy Act.

Tour begins from 9715 Green Valley Line, Chatham township, Chatham-Kent Municipality at 9AM and will tour families in the area who are struggling with Black Water: Black Water is well water with Black Shale sediments released from Vibrations in the area from the construction and operation of Wind farms.

Tour attendees will see how Rural Ontario families are forced to take matters in their own hands.

The MOECC and local Chatham-Kent Municipality failed to stop the building of Wind farms that caused the hardships these families are now enduring despite Warnings and Red Flags raised in 2012 from the East St Clair Wind farm in the neighbouring township of Dover.

Currently 7 new families in Chatham township have joined the list of families impacted from the ongoing construction of the North Kent Wind project.

Help Us Stop Black Water.

Come out for one day. See the Impacts to Water Wells and Families with Children trying to cope with water not fit for washing let alone drinking and bathing in. Until you see it with your own eyes you won’t believe it. But its True.

Every day the North Kent Wind project continues is another day DAMAGE to an Ontario Aquifer is allowed to happen.

This is what the Wind Industry wants to hide from the Environmentalist Movement.

Wind Energy Unregulated Destroys Water Resources.

Its time Water Activists Fight back.

Any Industry, Any Corporation that Risks or Destroys Water Security is going to be meet Head On and Stopped.

Join Water Wells First and Stop Black Water

Listen to audio recording below from a Wind Company executive admit that they damaged the water quality for a number of families in Chatham-Kent Ontario.