Last Chance this Thursday morning to get your private particle well test.

First NKW1 foundation ready for pile driving.  Time to test has run out.


The video in this post was taken Sunday evening June 18th showing a number of tubes prepared in the concrete base of the turbine just off Darrell Line, Chatham Township, Ontario.  Piles are expected to be driven through these tubes into the underlying black shale bedrock below.

This is what we have been have warning ...

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MOECC Just Announced Pile Driving Allowed for North Kent 1 Wind farm project.



Call to Action for all Water Protectors to Mobilize and Stop the pile drivers from Spreading more Heavy Metals Contamination into our Aquifer!

What is pile driving?

Water Wells First Spokesperson Kevin Jakubec received voicemail from MOECC Area Supervisor Smith on Friday, June 16th, 2017 that the MOECC will allow Samsung and their partners to use pile drivers to build the foundations for the turbines for the North Kent 1 Wind Farm.

Water Wells First has for over a year ...

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Water Wells First invited to attend meeting called by MOECC-Ontario Minstry of the Environment and Climate Change


Mayor Hope urged to withhold building permits for North Kent 1 wind turbines until MOECC provides answers to Water Wells First and Municipality.

On Thursday May 25th, 2017 Senior MOECC staff invited Water Wells First to a meeting at the Windsor MOECC offices to discuss concerns about Black Shale particle contamination of the aquifer underlying North Chatham-Kent.

Section 1 of the Ontario Environmental Protection Act lists Vibration as a recognized contaminant.

Vibrations from wind farm construction and operation are suspected by Water Wells ...

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First Step to getting Reimbursed for doing the MOECC’s work




Water Wells First wants to Thank Mayor Hope and MPP Monte McNaughton for both writing to Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray to ask for all costs to be reimbursed for the Legal Chain of Custody Water Testing that Water Wells First strongly recommended and still recommends to everyone in Chatham-Kent to take before pile driving starts for wind turbine foundations.
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삼성 갤럭시 8 및 8 플러스를 구매하지 마세요.



왜냐하면 삼성은 그들이 참여하고 공동 소유한 풍력 발전소 프로젝트가 계속 진행될 경우, 캐나다 온타리오  에 있는 담수성 대수층(Freshwater Aquifer)을 오염시킬 수 있다고 반복적으로 경고하고 있기 때문입니다.black-water-glass-korean

삼성에게 보낸 3개의 참조 편지
삼성에 첫 번째 편지
삼성으로 보내는 두 번째 편지
삼성으로 보내는 세 번째 편지

피크 워터 위기 설명 (English)

2017년 4월 11일, 삼성은 지역 ...

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black-water-glassBecause Samsung has been repeatedly warned that a windfarm project they are involved in and co-own will contaminate a Freshwater Aquifer in Ontario Canada if the project continues.

Reference 3 letters sent to Samsung………

Peak Water Crisis Explained…

On April 11th,2017 ...

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