“Water Wells First wants to ensure this mission we are on and any of the tactics we choose to use is about Water Protection and about protecting Families health and property values.

We are dedicated to preventing an Environmental disaster from spreading across Chatham-Kent.

We are dedicated to acting decisively now to prevent Chatham-Kent’s reputation from becoming more tarnished from this Water Crisis.

We do not want our Municipality to be known Internationally as another place where incompetence, inaction and indifference and greed lead to a Water Crisis like Flint Michigan or Walkeron.

We will challenge the Ontario government, the Canadian Wind Energy Association, the Owners and developers of Wind farms in Ontario, the Chatham-Kent Mayor and Councillor’s to stand accountable.

We will put pressure on these parties who to this date have not done enough to protect groundwater resources and the health and financial assets of families dependent on this Natural Resource

We want to especially protect the vulnerable, the low income young families and the elderly who do not have a lot of money and live in the countryside. These are families that live on severed lots and are dependent on water wells from the aquifer. These families are the most vulnerable.

Water Wells First wants to protect our Environment.

With that intent we want to remain positive that we can move forward with the main purpose of Water Wells First and protect the 12,000 year old aquifer that is below us.

For people who join us online on our Facebook page without these interests we try to convince them that it is for the common good for all Canadians to protect all our Canadian Aquifers.

Unfortunately, some people join our Facebook page just to demonize our cause, people who don’t care about Water Protection, don’t care about our community’s health. Don’t care period!

For people who seek us out to ridicule our mission. We ask them to visit and live a week with this horrendous water quality in a Dover home.

For these people who would disregard that Water is essential to our Life we will ban them from our Facebook page.

For people who can see that the work and the mission of Water Wells First are needed. We welcome you.