Answers needed

Photo Compliments of Chatham Voice

Photo Compliments of Chatham Voice

When it comes to the water well issues faced by an ever-increasing number
of home owners in north Chatham-Kent since construction began on wind
turbines, it seems the people have reached their saturation point with
government stalling on the issue.

As stated in our story on page 9 of this edition, the lack of answers from Queen’s Park on when the people can expect to see a health hazard investigation into the potential hazards of drinking well water contaminated with toxic black shale has reached a breaking point.

The people in Chatham-Kent received a promise, in writing, more than a year ago from the man who would be premier, Doug Ford. He campaigned that, if elected, he would immediately call for a full health hazard investigation into safety of the contaminated well water. And the people believed it.

They had two members, MPP Monte McNaughton and MPP Rick Nicholls, on their side before the election, and now – crickets.

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