Jakubec Apologies to Counsellor Wesley



Press Release

This is a press release issued by Kevin Jakubec relating to the litigation between Kevin Jakubec and Chatham-Kent Councillor Jeff Wesley.

Previously I, Kevin Jakubec, made public comments that suggested Mr. Wesley was a liar. It is not true that Mr. Wesley is a liar. I apologize.

Councillor Wesley and I have come to an agreement regarding the damages assessed in the Reasons for Decision ...

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Smoking Gun Found on Well Contamination in Chatham Kent



A report commissioned by Hydro One shows that Hydro One wouldn’t drive piles for transmission towers in Chatham Kent because of potential damage to wells. Samsung drove the piles any way costing a number of families their water supply in the North Kent Wind farm.

Essex MPP Natyshak asks: Hydro One wouldn’t pile drive in Chatham-Kent, why did Kathleen Wynne let Samsung do it?


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On World Water Day, NDP again calls on Wynne Liberals to do health hazard investigation at contaminated wells in Chatham Kent



Taras Natyshak ESSEX – NDP MPP Taras Natyshak says that World Water Day should be a reminder to Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government that they are failing families located near Samsung’s North Kent One construction site in Chatham-Kent who have black well water coming from wells on their farms.

Natyshak and the group Water Wells First were at Queen’s Park recently demanding that the ...

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Premier Wynne says MOECC tests show Black Water safe

Sadly MOECC never took a sample of the Black Shale sediments

Sorry Premier, But until you drink it, our kids want a Health Hazard Investigation done before they drink out of a polluted well

Preview Video below from Feb 15 2018 CBC Windsor

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Premier Wynne Don’t Force Families onto Polluted Wells

Chatham-Kent residents urgently call on Premier to intervene.

See Water Wells First Feb 12, 2018 Letter PDFicon to Premier Wynne

This has been an ongoing problem from wind farm development in Chatham-Kent for the last 6 years that the Ontario Government, Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit and the local MPP’s have not addressed and solved for this rural community.
See Water Wells First letter

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Residents Dealing With Frozen Tanks

frozen tank
Photo courtesy of the Chatham Daily News.

Due to the bitter cold temperatures, residents near the North Kent Wind project found themselves without their temporary water source over the holidays.

Several water wells in the project area, currently under construction by Samsung Renewable Energy and Pattern Energy, have been clogged with sediments shortly after pile-driving took place for constructing the turbines.

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